Reader says church or home place to learn about faith

To the Editor:

I am responding to Mr. Storey’s comments regarding … Michael Talkington’s alleged focus on creationism rather than evolution.

Mr. Storey contends he is “saddened … to think that a few students … have made things so difficult for him … [to] continue teaching at OCCC.”


What saddens me is that Mr. Storey continues to insert his faith into scientific discussion.

Creationism is not a scientific theory. It is a belief system by many people on how our known universe was “created.”

Creationism cannot be proven in our natural world. It does not adhere to natural laws and cannot be explained by science.

Creationist adherents claim that their use of the word “theory” is the same as the “theory” of evolution. The theory of evolution is based on science.

It has been shown consistent in our natural world. It does adhere to natural laws and can be explained by science.

His statement that the theory of evolution has never been scientifically proven is misleading as no theory is ever scientifically proven just reinforced, such as the theory of gravity.

If Mr. Storey wants to teach his kids, as he reports that he does, about his faith then by all means do that — at church or in his home.

A place of higher learning with peoples of all faiths should not be subjected to others’ beliefs while in a biology course based on science and not on faith.

One more point, and this is the key difference between scientists and those of faith: scientists look to disprove their theories and those of faith look to prove their “theories.”

This is in no way condemnation of whatever faith Mr. Storey has, but I should not have to be subjected to it.

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