Reader rebuffs another recent letter to the editor

letter to editorTo the Editor:

In response to this article (a letter to the editor titled “Reader steaming over campus coffee” that ran in the Pioneer April 8),  I believe the record needs to be set straight.

The OCCC Coffee Shop is not, nor has it ever been, a Starbucks.

To purchase a Starbucks franchise would have cost the college thousands of dollars.

The OCCC Coffee Shop is free to serve any brand of coffee they so desire.

They have chosen to use Starbucks brand coffee for their specialty drinks and are allowed to display the sign “We proudly serve Starbucks coffee.”

I am sorry that the reader was dissatisfied with the quality of drinks he or she was served.

However, because this is not a Starbucks franchise location, the Baristas are not trained by Starbucks.

I wonder if the reader considered returning the drink to the counter and voicing his or her complaint about the quality of the drink.

I hope you will give the OCCC Coffee Shop another try and, if you are not satisfied with your drink, please allow them to address your concerns.

You may find that they will be able to prepare you something just as tantalizing as that of your experienced barista friend.

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