Racial slurs never appropriate in college hallways

To the editor:

OCCC has been open for almost 40 years. The front doors have seen a vast diversity of students walk through them.

People can be racist if that is what they choose to be, but probably should keep their racism behind closed doors.

In a school environment where there are different ethnicity groups, there is really not a time and a place for racism.

Every student is here to achieve a common goal (and) to receive the best education their money is paying for.

In between classes, students have to walk quickly so they will not be late. What happened to me during the time I was walking to my next class caught me off guard.

As I was walking behind some African-American students that were walking shoulder to shoulder down a hallway meant for three, it was very hard for me to pass them due to walking traffic coming from the opposite direction.

When I had an opportunity to pass them, I heard one of them say,“Where did that N**** come from, and why is he sneaking up on me?”

I stopped dead in my tracks and quickly looked around for another African-American walking where we were.

I did not see anyone else of their race walking in that area besides the three of them.

I was being referred to as a “N****.” Regardless if I am Caucasian or not, the “N” word did not need to be used. It was very inappropriate.

I am aware that when people of the same race get together, they may speak a certain way to one another. I do not have a problem with that.

My concern is when the group language is directed to an individual not in their group and there is no concern for how their words are being spoken.

That is racism at its worst. College is not the place for racial comments no matter the ethnicity of the person or persons.

As a veteran of the Armed Services, I have been put into situations where there are many different ethnic groups around. We would all share a common goal, to accomplish a mission. If racial comments were being used, that would make the mission … harder to complete successfully.

Each and every student shares a common goal to receive an education.

So let us leave the racial comments and slurs out of the hallways and make this a peaceful place for all.

—Name Withheld by Request

OCCC Student

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