“Elder Scrolls” full of new action

Alright, “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” — an action role-playing open world video game — has been out since Nov 11, 2011. But after losing months of my life scouring the ancient home of the Nords, I decided to take a hiatus until all downloadable content had been released.

I started a new character and am now in the middle of my second excursion into Tamriel. I have to say the downloadable content or DLC — Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Drogonborn — are pretty awesome.

In Dawnguard, a powerful vampire lord is attempting to use the power of an Elder Scroll to blot out the sun.

This would allow vampires, under the cover of perpetual darkness, to run rampant across Tamriel.

The Dawnguard, aside from being the DLC’s namesake, is an order of vampire hunters that have begun recruiting again.

Players have the choice of helping the Dawnguard stop the vampires from permanently getting rid of the sun or aiding the vampires and eventually becoming a vampire lord.

Dawnguard introduces new armor, locations, possible ability trees and weapons like the crossbow. Hearthfire is a DLC where the Dragonborn is able to buy land and build a homestead.

It has three locations to purchase. Choose one, or buy and build on all three plots of land.

When building, you get to choose three different wing additions from choices like an alchemy or enchanting tower, a kitchen, a library or even an armory full of weapon racks and armor mannequins.

Then, you can hire a steward, a bard and a carriage driver for your home.

Hearthfire also allows players to adopt children.

In Dragonborn, the third and, as Bethesda announced, final Skyrim DLC, the player goes to the island of Solstheim and encounters the first Dragonborn.

Solstheim was previously introduced in the Bloodmoon expansion for “Morrowwind.”

While battling it out with another Dragonborn is pretty cool, the most awesome part of the Dragonborn DLC is the ability to ride dragons.

Yeah, that’s right — you can ride dragons now and an update lets you fight on horseback too.

Dive back into Skyrim and get the DLC. It’s definitely well worth it.

Rating: A+

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