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We all have those secrets, thoughts and feelings that reveal the deepest of our emotions and make their homes in our minds and chests.

If exposed, they would reveal the true, raw, uncensored and sometimes embarrassing corners of our minds. is a little spot on the Internet where individuals can go to share these secrets while still keeping them secrets. makes this possible by allowing individuals to anonymously mail in homemade postcards which share the very thing they are wanting to say.


The site creates an outlet where individuals can read confessions that may relate to their own feelings, share their own confessions, or even have a good laugh at some of the humorous ones that are posted.

Over several years of personal visits to the website, the secrets have been found to cover a vast array of subjects.

These include religious convictions, childhood memories, body image, forgiveness and unforgiveness — and the list goes on.

In a society where social media has such a strong impact on the world and its people, primarily the youth, when a social community project like this comes along, it makes an impression.

The website has millions of hits and, since starting in 2005, founder Frank Warren states on postsecret that he receives around 200 postcards per day.

This isn’t all that has to offer.

By going online to, a schedule of the Postsecret events can be found.

At these events, individuals are able to hear and share their secrets and stories with others, meet the man who founded it all, and grow as a community by getting these things off of their chests and pushing themselves to grow.

Books containing hundreds of postcards can be found by also visiting

A select collection of the postcards are shared, just as they are on the website, reaching millions.

Just as on the website, the creator of the secret is never released.

The website also has a YouTube channel where secrets can be heard and shared via video.

A forum found on the website is also available for individuals looking to communicate with other postsecret users.

Whether it is to share a secret or read a secret, giving a visit to is a great way to participate in a growing social community that has helped and continues to help many people overcome their own boundaries.

Rating: A

—Paris Burris

Staff Writer

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