Political war of words doesn’t benefit citizens

House Speaker John Boehner has dissed the President of the United States again.

For those who are unaware, President Barack Obama wanted to make a speech before the joint session of Congress to unveil his new economic plan in regards to creating more jobs.

Christy Johnson

Obama sent a message to House Speaker Boehner in regards to a speech Obama wanted to originally make Sept. 7, but was rescheduled for Sept. 8.

Boehner and his office were noted as saying the denial of the president’s request to speak on Sept. 7 was because he did not want the speech to interfere with the GOP debate, which was scheduled for the same day.

This type of “political dissing” is leading many to ponder a number of questions in regards to these types of issues.

Would Boehner have done this to any other president?


Former Presidents George Bush Jr. and George H.W. Bush would not have been told to “kick rocks” by Boehner.

According to an article from Fox News, Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY), the head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, declared Boehner’s move “disgraceful” and accused Republicans of “playing political games.”

Many feel Boehner is going a bit too far with this and feel he is becoming part of the problem instead of the solution.

According to The Huffington Post, an Obama administration aide told the website, “The whole thing is silly.

“We are fine with Thursday [Sept. 8] and would have proposed that to begin with if Boehner had told us Wednesday [Sept. 7] didn’t work … Why he didn’t is just a mystery.”

People make up their own minds and in some cases, understandably, have to agree to disagree in order to keep the peace, but to tell the President of the United States “no” to a speech on an economic plan that could impact an out-of-work country you claim to love may be going too far in the political grandstanding by Boehner.

Is Boehner blatantly being disrespectful by denying the President’s request to speak, or is he playing hardball for a greater cause?

Boehner needs to stand firm with his beliefs if he feels he is right on an issue — but he needs to cut out 95 percent of his political bullying.

Also, many Obama supporters are wondering if the president is lying down for Boehner, or if he is simply taking the high road in this situation in order to keep the peace.

Some of those supporters have been saying, although they still like the president, they feel he needs to be more forceful.

He needs to stop asking permission to be president and just ”be” the President of the United States.

Obama needs to realize he is the president and stop being “politically punked” by Boehner or the rest of Congress.

No matter where U.S. citizens stand on the issues, it goes without saying pretty much all sides feel that the people who are put in office to represent the people of this country need to get their act together or give their jobs to some of us who are in need of employment.

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