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Pioneer writer inspired by older student

I interviewed a 47-year-old women the other day and her story made my eyes water.

This women inspired me with her courage and dedication to achieving her higher education goals.

Hearing that this beautiful and confident-looking woman had fears about coming back to school after so many years floored me. Could I have the strength to not give up if I was in her shoes? Probably not.

I am so blessed to have met this woman and I feel fortified to continue on my own journey toward a degree.

I am sure she will reach all of her dreams and goals, and I am so excited I was able to speak with her about this step in her personal journey.

I am so happy to know she is graduating because it was easy to see she deserves this and much more.

I almost cried when she said her entire family, including her grown children, were going to attend the graduation ceremony. Such a testament to perseverance that all of us could learn from.

My own fears and worries as a 20-something college student seem so small compared to what this graduate overcame in her pursuit of a degree.

So I guess I want to leave you with the thought: don’t let your fears stop you from your education.