Paying to drive on bad roads is wrong

Last Exit Before Oklahoma Toll Road signWhile there are those who may be used to paying to drive on state highways, I am not. My home state of Oregon has no toll roads anywhere, so finding out I had to pay money to some strange person hanging out a window on a random, deserted spot in the middle of nowhere came as a bit of a shock.

The legal robbery of my hard-earned money or, to be honest, my husband’s hard-earned money, was just the first shock. The other ones came in jolts and jumps as I was driving from Oklahoma City to visit my mom down in Elgin. The condition of these roads that I just gave money for were horrible.

Since my escape of the terrible turnpike, I can silently hear my truck begging for new suspension and shocks. Not only is my truck complaining about the mistreatment and abuse it just endured, but now I know what areas I need to work on myself the next time I go to the gym.

Seeing as how I am not from Oklahoma, curiosity started to build on where exactly the money was going from the tolls. Now, one would think ‘well, the state of Oklahoma gets the money!’ Nope. That would be a big, fat negative.

The roads were built from bonds, and the multi-billion dollar profit from these roads goes to the bondholders. Makes you want to think of starting your own toll booth, doesn’t it? At least that explains why the roads are so abusive to our vehicles.

So I would like to give a big, sarcastic thank you to those who pocket my money, mistreat my truck, point out my insecurities, and take away my silent time by keeping my son awake with the shocking, jolting, and harsh roads I have to pay to drive on.

I am sorry, but not sorry, to say that the toll roads suck.

Rating: F-

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