Pathways school to host prom

Some traditions are just too precious to forego, even at a nontraditional high school. One of those would be the junior-senior prom. For Pathways Middle College High School, prom night is May 5.

Pathways is housed on the OCCC campus and serves primarily Oklahoma City public school students who want to attend college classes during their last two years of high school.

Students are held to an extremely high standard and held accountable for their actions, Principal Carol Brogan said.

Since the school budget doesn’t include funding for the prom or graduation, students are selling Blue & Gold sausage to fund their end-of-the-year events, she said.

These fundraising efforts will help to reduce end-of-the-year dues for families by almost $100. Juniors are working tirelessly to plan a memorable prom night for themselves and the seniors, Brogan said.

They have made arrangements for decorations and a deejay. Continuing the tradition of holding prom off campus, it will be held at the Swing Club in Oklahoma City. The Swing Club is a small venue, perfect for the approximately 55 people to be in attendance at prom.

Students are in the process of asking dates to prom, and have been given the opportunity to ask high school students from other schools, Brogan said.

The Pathways school is comprised of eighth grade through seniors in high school. There are 15 students in the senior class, 7 of whom are girls, and 17 students in the junior class, 5 of whom are boys.

Pathways has been nurturing responsible, smart and courteous students for 12 years now, Brogan said.

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