Pathways Middle College avoids closure

After receiving notice about three weeks ago that the Pathways Middle College High School on campus would permanently close at the end of this academic year, students, parents and faculty have come together in a fight to keep the school open.

In a meeting on May 9 these individuals accomplished just that.

Chris Brewster, Santa Fe South schools superintendent, announced the Santa Fe charter schools would take over management of Pathways.

Some changes will come along with the new management.

The school will now have different hours and will serve students in grades nine through 12.

Implementation of sports is also on the agenda.

To Javier Merendon, sophomore at Pathways, this is relieving news.

“[I’m] excited for the joining of Sante Fe South. I’m excited about the new opportunities we’ll be able to have and new doors opening for Pathways,” Merendon said.

“I think we can all adapt to [the adjustments].”

The new policy only affects incoming students, so while eighth graders are no longer able to enroll in Pathways, those currently attending won’t have to go somewhere else.

Carol Brogan, Pathways principal, said she’s excited for the upcoming changes.

“You always think about the changes that come with this kind of arrangement, but I see some good things coming out of this,” she said. “Things that I’ve wanted and dreamed for this school for years but have not been able to make a reality because we were too small.”

Brogan said she looks forward to the relationship between Pathways Middle College and Santa Fe South schools.

“The sense of relief and sense of peace is more than I have felt in two weeks.”

Brogan said she trusts Brewster’s management.

“His belief system is very similar to mine when it comes to educating students and making it a community, not just a school,” she said.

“I see a great future for Pathways. We have always had the support of OCCC. We have always had the support of Dr. Paul Sechrist. I refer to him as our school’s godfather. He helped us become a reality. I have nothing but respect for him. I have nothing but respect for what he is capable of doing. He is someone who believes in our students … And for that I can only thank him.”

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