OU website as bad as OCCC’s

Never did I think an organization’s web resources could disappoint me more than OCCC’s, but the 20 fractions of websites that make up the University of Oklahoma’s web pages contain more dead links than a Super Smash Brothers Tournament.

I imagine 20 different Assistant IT Student Resourcer Coordinator of Advanced Support Service Specialists launched 20 different exciting revamps of the same simple programs.

WebsiteTax dollars have a way of renting a work crew, specialist parts, rented tools, consultants, and what have you when all you need is a claw hammer and a multi tool, and somehow, still not accomplishing the task.

The beauty of computers and the web is in making life easier, but public entities appear to digitize the bureaucracy, allowing you to develop a deep hatred of the organization from the comfort of your computer.

Now it seems by sheer volume, OU does have more resources than OCCC, making it somewhat more useful.

However, the failure rate is pretty similar for OCCC and OU when it comes to web features.

Just don’t expect it to work and you won’t be disappointed.

I mean it’s not like it’s somebody’s job to make these things work.

A public institution would never keep an employee or contractor incapable of doing the job for which they’re paid. That would be ridiculous.

When it comes to university webpages, I’ve come to expect to not expect information. It’s like archeology: you dig and dig for just a little tidbit.

So, all in all, that makes OU’s website at least more exciting.

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