Opie’s for a cheap but fun time

If you’re 21 and living in Norman, it’s easy to be blinded by Campus Corner’s overpriced attractions and The Mont’s sweet concoction known as the Sooner Swirl.

Sure, a Gummy Bear shot at Logie’s can always chase away the aftertaste of a night spent at Sugers — and The Mont serves some pretty mean cheese fries — but most college students have to ball on a budget.

If you find yourself pressed for cash and unable to afford a night out on campus, it makes sense to try some of the cheaper venues around town.

One place I’ve found to be a great place to drink cheaply and have a good time is Opie’s Club located at 1430 W Lindsey St. in Norman.

I’ll admit Opie’s is for an older crowd — it’s been around since the ’70s — but it’s a local gem that few who go there will forget about.

Opie’s features several pool tables, dancing, nightly drink specials and an open mic night on Thursdays — plus the authenticity of cloudy secondhand smoke.

Tuesday evenings are my personal favorite, as Opie’s drink special that night features $2 Redbull and Vodka — which is cheaper than buying a Redbull by itself.

Another unique aspect about Opie’s is that the club owner — Opie himself — often frequents the venue and checks on his patrons.

I might not be able to afford a lavish bottle of wine, but for a good time and a good buzz there’s nothing wrong with spending an evening at Opie’s.

Rating: C

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