Online program offers 71 languages

OMango languages chartCCC students and staff can learn foreign languages from anywhere — as long as they have a connection to the college library’s website.

This is possible through Mango Languages, said System Librarian Dana Tuley-Williams.

“You may not be enrolled in a [language] class, but you may be interested in learning another language,” she said.

Tuley-Williams said the program offers instruction in 71 languages.

Based on numbers collected over the last year, she said, the top five most studied languages in Mango are German, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish (Latin American) and French.

Tuley-Williams said Modern Language professors are having their students practice from home using Mango.

Ginnett Rollins is one of those professors.

“We have a (Study Abroad) group going to Italy to study this summer … ,” Rollins said.

“For students who are going to attend that, I am going to recommend that they practice (Italian) using Mango.”

The World Languages and Cultures Center on the second floor of the Main Building offers another language-learning program called Rosetta Stone. However, Tuley-Williams said, that is accessible only on the computers in that area.

“ … [The Mango Languages program] you can do from everywhere, as long as you can get on the Internet,” she said.

Rollins said she likes the off-campus aspect of Mango as well.

“Rosetta Stone is a great language program but you cannot take it home,” she said.

“Mango, you can do from your home. That is a very big advantage.”

Tuley-Williams said to use the online program, students need to visit the Library website at, then, under “Other Resources,” choose the link “More.”

From there, choose “Mango Languages.”

There are two ways to access the program from that point, Turley-Williams said.

First-time users who just want to see how the program operates, can choose the Guest Access mode.

Those who want to use it more often can create their own accounts at the site.

Tuley-Williams said once a user is logged in, there are a variety of helpful resources.

“They do have grammar and vocabulary … ,” she said. “It is a way to introduce [users] to the basic elements of the languages.

“There are also advanced courses.”

Tuley-Williams said people gain improvement differently from using the program.

Film and Video Production and Computer Animation major Mitch Cruse said he took a couple of Spanish classes at OCCC. He said he practiced occasionally with Rosetta Stone at the WLCC.

However, he said, he is going to check out the Mango Languages program.

“It sounds much better,” he said. “You’re able to do what you want to do [at home] and save yourself a drive.”

Deion Harrison, business major, said students could use Mango to help them in their careers.

He said students who learn a second language have an advantage over those who know only one language.

Harrison said he is impressed with the number of languages the program offers.

“ … It is a unique opportunity for students,” he said.

Rollins said to keep in mind that although people can benefit from Mango, it doesn’t replace the need to take language courses.

“With Mango you can reinforce what you learn in class,” she said.

“It is entertaining, it is like a game.

“It does not replace a class because in a class, you get clarification and explanation. And in a class, you also get real practice speaking.”

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