Oklahoma Aquarium not worth the drive to Jenks

When you’ve been to aquariums on either coast of this country, you don’t hold high expectations for ones that are stuck spot in the middle of Oklahoma.

You’ve probably guessed it. The Oklahoma Aquarium has very little to offer in the way of awe and amazement.

Ever since hearing great opinions of it this past summer, I have had a desire to see it for myself.

To begin with, from where I live in Norman, it is quite a hike to get there — Jenks to be exact.

Jenks is just outside of Tulsa and because construction there never stops, there is mad construction. If you don’t take the correct exit, good luck finding your way.

The Tulsa area is a lot like the DFW area, where the other cities could be considered either Dallas or Fort Worth. It isn’t all that easy to navigate.

Parking at the Aquarium is free — a plus.

Although the website says adults must pay $13.95 to get in, after taxes, it comes to $15 and some change.

At this point I was thinking, “Okay, this has to be worth it.”

However, what felt like millions of tiny, screaming kids running around made me immediately second guess that thought.

The Aquarium is really easy to navigate — another plus.

But after getting through half of it, which only took a whopping 10 minutes, the feeling of being cheated from how much you had to pay to get in starts taking over the joy of looking at the pretty fish.

There is no blowfish, super disappointment.

There is, however, an open tank to pet stingrays — small plus.

It ends with a tunnel to walk in, get dizzy and run into other people trying to look up at the sharks swimming overhead. There aren’t even that many sharks.

After that, you get to dodge more screaming kids as you walk all the way back to the entrance to exit.

It’s not worth it.

Even for someone who has never been to an aquarium, I don’t suggest trying this one.

Rating: D-

—Sarah Hussain

Senior Writer

To contact Sarah Hussain, email seniorwriter@occc.edu.

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