OCCC website difficult to navigate

To the editor:

As fall semester draws closer, new students are beginning to enroll for their first semester.

In the age of computers, more of these new students are turning to the campus website for information, enrollment and admissions.

Just as quickly, new students learn a very troubling fact: the OCCC website is nearly impossible to navigate without the help of campus employees.

The application to the college itself is hidden under the Admissions dropdown. With no easy access to the application, new students would never be able to find the application themselves.

Also, the costs to attend are difficult to find and scholarship information is not even offered online. The catalogue and schedule, while not hidden, are not easy for most new students to find.

To find anything without prior knowledge of the website would be impossible.

Most new students looking for enrollment information or information on degrees or classes would be lost.

Some degrees, including the degrees offered in the Film and Video department, are not even listed on the website.

When the OCCC website is put up to comparison against the University of Oklahoma’s website, OCCC pales greatly in comparison.

All of OU’s prospective student information is easily accessed showing scholarships, costs, housing and more, and the link to apply is a large, clearly visible link on the home page.

The OCCC website needs a very serious facelift if OCCC’s officials want students to ever be able to effectively use the website for gaining information.

—Kelsea Burton
OCCC Student

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