OCCC receives donation from AT&T

++ATTOn Aug. 19, AT&T Oklahoma President Steve Hahn presented a $15,000 check to OCCC that will allow expanded use of the StrengthsQuest program, which helps students find and develop their top strengths, said President Jerry Steward.

“It will help out counselors and academic advisers to guide students in the direction that will be most helpful to them,” Steward said. “Without these funds we probably couldn’t purchase the materials.”

Student Life Director Erin Logan said OCCC has been using the StrengthsQuest program on a small scale for four years. She explained the process.

“Every single person has 34 strengths and it just depends on where you are in your life on which of those strengths is most prevalent to you,” she said. “It identifies the top five that you are inherently good at that can make you a better person, a better student, a better individual in your life and better leader in your world.”

While Student Life was previously paying for SQ testing, this grant allows the college to make StrengthsQuest tests a requirement for all Success in College and Life (SCL) sections, which consists of approximately 2,000 students per semester, Logan said.

Darby Johnsen, Academic Student Success Director, said they hope to expand the use of StrengthsQuest to help students decide which career options are the best fit for them.

“We’ll be expanding it into career decisions as well, as we work on it within the SCL course,” she said. “We’ll not only relate it to study skills but how do you recognize the way your skills play into your career choice and having a thriving life in being happy at what you do.”

StrengthsQuest helps students use their strengths to communicate better, work better in groups settings and do individual exploration, Johnsen said.

AT&T Oklahoma President Steve Hahn said the grant was given to OCCC because the college plays such an integral role in the community. He said because the grant is being used to purchase StrengthsQuest, it was a good fit for the AT&T Aspire program. AT&T hires a lot of people and needs the workforce, Hahn said.

“It’s the right thing to do. Students succeeding and going into the workforce is good for our business. We want them to come into AT&T with the skill set, the training, to go to work right away.”

For more information about StrengthsQuest testing, contact the Student Life office at 405-682-7523.

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