OCCC offers many ways to get answers

OCCC has several different ways to answer questions students may have about the campus, services offered and more.

Ask Tripp is one of the main ways students can get answers to their questions, said E-Student Services Director E.J. Warren.

It’s located at http://occc.askadmissions.net/ask.

“Ask Tripp is a question-and-answer database set up to answer questions about your campus, your school in specific …, ” Warren said.

She said users can ask questions about various college departments ranging from Academic Advising to Financial Aid, or any general OCCC questions.

“The majority of the things that we have that people ask about is things they typically didn’t find easily or quickly on a web page,” Warren said.

She said the top things asked about are class schedule, the academic calendar and enrollment dates.

Ask Tripp does not have access to any personal information or student records, Warren said.

“If an inquiry comes in that specifically asks about a student document or record (or) financial aid, we have a response that sends back to actually notify them that this system does not access their private personal student records for their protection,” she said.

To use Ask Tripp, Warren said, type in your question, press ask, and you will get answers.

“They may get two or three responses,” she said, “but they will have a response back to whatever they ask.”

If Ask Tripp gives an answer that does not match the question, the user can submit that question to the support researchers who monitor Ask Tripp, Warren said.

A personal response will be given within 24 hours.

“It is possible [users] won’t get exactly what they’re looking for depending on what they put in for their inquiry,” she said.

There also are other sources students can use to get questions answered.

To get feedback from a Recruitment and Admissions counselors, students can visit www.occc.edu/admissions/ask.

There are spaces to enter certain information such as name, email, date of birth. At the bottom of the online form, the user can type a question to submit.

Another source to get questions answered is the student newspaper.

The weekly publication provides answers to questions through its column “You Asked For It.” The column runs every four to five weeks in the print edition. Submit questions to editor@occc.edu or come by the Pioneer office located in the Arts and Humanities area in room 1F2. Questions will be answered on a first-come, first-served basis.

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