OCCC graduate ‘happy’ to receive President’s Volunteer Service Award

Faustino “Tino” Ceballos Jr., a 34-year old business, political science, and pre-law OCCC graduate, recently won the President’s Volunteer Service Award for assisting with Oklahoma City humanities programs.

The award is signed by the president of the United States and is meant to encourage others to participate in a volunteer service.

Ceballos said he is happy about the award.

“I feel highly motivated and excited,” Ceballos said.

Ceballos he said he has been volunteering at local churches and parks before he began college at OCCC.

After starting college, Tino said he began volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, Oklahoma City’s Adopt-A-Street program and the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon.

This is the latest honor Ceballos has been given.

Katie Treadwell, Student Life coordinator, said Ceballos is a great student leader at OCCC.

“On service days he is the first one here and the last one to leave,” she said. “He is very dedicated to whatever he is involved in.”

Last year, Ceballos received the College Civics Honors award, presented by OCCC President Paul Sechrist for his volunteerism.

Ceballos is not a newcomer to public service.

His first volunteer job was about 15 years ago after the Oklahoma City Murrah Building bombing.

Then he volunteered at a local church to help identify victims for their families, he said.

Ceballos said he will continue to volunteer long after he has achieved his personal goals.

With his financial and business degree, he said he plans to help people in many communities who own businesses and homes.

“People out there need help,” he said. “They are hungry and need clothes and shelter. There is always going to be someone who needs help.”

“This is the passion I feel when I do these things.”

Ceballos said he has not decided which school he plans to attend after his time here. But, he plans to obtain a bachelor’s degree with an emphasis in finance and economics as well as a master’s degree in political science and law, he said.

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