Numerous twists and turns abound in ‘Portal 2’

I have found “Portal 2” to be a very interesting game, mainly because of its many surprises.

GLaDOS, the main computer of the Aperture Science facility, is properly insulting throughout the first half of the game. You discover she (GLaDOS) has been around since the ’60s.

Over the course of the game, you go from being called a fat orphan by GLaDOS in some of the most clever ways possible to being the best thing ever for her (it? I’m just going to call GLaDOS ‘her’ for reference.)

In this second installment, there are two robots.

Wheatley, the helper at the beginning, is extremely foolish and the game explains why he is that way. This not only makes sense in the context presented, but the way it’s told is hilarious.


GLaDOS maintains her wit throughout the game, as well as her malice.

I almost feel a little bad for her toward the end. I suppose Valve Games did a really good job with the storytelling in that regard.

If you can make the player feel bad for the antagonist, that means you have one hell of a story. This is certainly the case in “Portal 2.”

The puzzles range from somewhat easy to murderous, though I was slightly disappointed with the lack of spiked walls.

In general, the story is in-depth, explaining the back story of the Aperture Science center.

Just a warning: the entirety of the old “Portal” complex is funny.

Cave Johnson (the creator) goes from science machine to crazy as hell over the course of one or two chapters, and GLaDoS starts to get more and more into his ranting and raving.

It’s beautiful, actually. It also explains why the psychotic overseer of the Aperture Science Center is the way she is.

The comedy aspect of “Portal 2” gets an A, malicious as it may be with just a hint of gallows humor.

The action gets a B, as most of the story is calculated, and you can actually go through the game and only

get damaged by one thing if you’re good enough.

The game itself is rather challenging at times, too.

You would have to be insane to be able to figure the challenges out immediately so, A for challenge.

The music is alright, though having GLaDOS sing to you at the end of the game (again) is icing on the cake.

Speaking of which, she has the voice of a mechanical angel. Seriously, it is beautiful.

I like the game a lot and would recommend it, although some of the puzzles are brain busters.

If you like puzzle games with a hint of action, I suggest this game.

However, if you aren’t patient, I would not suggest it.

Rating: A-

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