Non-major biology class available in Fall 2011

OCCC will separate its General Biology course into two different classes, one for science majors and another for non-majors, beginning fall 2011, said Raul Ramirez, biology professor.

General Biology will be split into General Biology, BIO 1114, and General Biology (Majors), BIO 1124.

“It was unfair to beat the non-majors with a lot of detail a major student would need,” Ramirez said.

This change will affect all students whose degrees require a biology course in order to graduate. Students who are non-science majors would only need to take BIO 1114, or General Biology, while students who are science majors would need to complete BIO 1124, General Biology (Majors).

Beginning fall 2011, the General Biology (Majors) course will serve as a pre-requisite for higher level biology courses.

If a student had completed BIO 1114, General Biology, before fall 2011 that student will not be required to take the new General Biology (Majors) class in order to take any higher level biology courses.

Courses that will require the General Biology (Majors) course as a pre-requisite include: General Zoology, Cell Biology, General Botany, Invertebrate Zoology, Human Physiology and Human Anatomy.

Students who are majoring in biology must complete both General Biology (Majors), as well as General Biology II (Majors).

These students must complete both courses at the same institution in order to transfer to a four-year biology program, Ramirez said.

“Science is applicable to everybody, no matter what major you’re going to be in,” Ramirez said.

Students are encouraged to speak with their academic advisers to find out how they will be affected.

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