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Rick Hollils

Rick Hollis, CEO and owner of IntegriTas Estate Services, LLC, speaks to a group of students in a personal finance class. Erika Fierro/Pioneer

Nationally recognized estate planning consultant Rick R. Hollis, CEO and owner of IntegriTas Estate Services, LLC, shared his expertise with 22 students in a personal finance class earlier this year.

Students engaged in conversation during the presentation, sharing experiences they or their families have encountered with estate issues

During his discussion, Hollis explained wills, the power of estate planning and trusts with the group.

“Anyone who owns a home, has a bank account and owns cars should consider forms of estates,” he said. “It’s about preparing for the future.”

Hollis has been named an “Expert” in career and life planning matters,” by Time Magazine, US News and World Report, Newsweek, Nation’s Business, Money Magazine, and Sports Illustrated, according to his company website.

Adjunct Business Professor Jack Kraettli said he invited Hollis to speak to his class because of Hollis’ expertise in the field. He said Hollis is also known for handling the estate planning for players of the National Football League.

“I normally cover trusts in class but the process can be so complicated that it’s better if a professional and expert in the field can come and explain it to students,” Kraettli said.

Hollis has designed thousands of trust estate plans, and he began his talk by explaining to the students the purpose of a will.

“A will is a legal document stating the intention of distribution of assets and identifies heirs,” he said.

Although a will does not ensure heirs will receive the assets, Hollis said a will can preclude a judge from distributing assets along the bloodline which includes not only children, but grandparents, aunts and uncles.

Hollis said he has shared his advice with groups before, but he had to modify his presentation for the class.

All but two students present did not own a home; therefore, he urged the students to speak with their parents about the topic to make sure they’re prepared in the event of a tragedy. He encouraged them to make sure all proper documents and procedures are in order, Hollis said.

Hollis can be contacted through the IntegriTas Estate Services website where information about estate planning is also available.

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