New Lay’s chip flavors fall flat

September 27, 2013 Review Print Print

In February, Lay’s announced it would host a contest to find a new chip flavor.

After accepting submissions online, Lay’s narrowed the contest down to three flavors: cheesy garlic bread, chicken and waffles, and sriracha. Consumers then had a period of time in which to try the new flavors and vote on their favorite one.

While I am not a big chip eater, I decided these flavors were too unusual not to try.

The first one I tried was cheesy garlic bread. It tasted like anything but cheesy garlic bread. What I tasted was a sour, bitter flavor with an overwhelming taste of garlic. There was not much cheesiness to it and it tasted like someone had perhaps left their garlic bread in the oven a little too long.

I tried chicken and waffles next. Although it wasn’t bad, it was definitely not my cup of tea. I primarily tasted a syrupy flavor upon my first bite, followed by what seemed to be the slightest hint of chicken aftertaste.

Since I have not had real chicken and waffles, I cannot compare it to the real thing but overall, it wasn’t terrible.

The last flavor I tried was sriracha. Upon taking the first bite, it did not seem that spicy — until the aftertaste hit me like a brick.

Although it was my favorite of the three flavors I tried, it tasted like any other spicy chip out there.

So who was the winner of Lay’s contest?

In May, the people spoke and decided cheesy garlic bread was the winner. Originally, the winning chip was supposed to be the only one that remained on store shelves; however, since the other flavors have continued to sell, they remain available for people to enjoy at just $3 a bag.

Overall, I don’t think the chips are something I would ever buy again.

Although they weren’t terrible, they missed the mark in my opinion. There are a lot better flavors out there and I think these new flavors were just a gimmick on Lay’s part.

My suggestion is: don’t waste your money. If you really want some cheesy garlic bread, go pop some in the oven.

Rating: C

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