New certificate programs may be coming soon

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DroneStudents wanting to gain expertise in drone technology, workplace communication, digital design and digital photography may have the opportunity this fall.

OCCC is anticipating implementing four new Certificate of Mastery programs in 2016, if approved by the college’s Board of Regents. 

OCCC would be the only college or university in the state to provide the certificates, Anne DeClouette, acting director of Academic Affairs said.

DeClouette presented the concepts for four certificates to the OCCC Board of Regents, May 16, in the Al Snipes Board Room, at its regular meeting. 

  All four certificates were approved with a 3-0 vote with Regent Chris Lawson abstaining.

One certificate of mastery, in Unmanned Aerial  systems, focuses on training students to work with technology commonly referred to as drones.

The program will provide training for land, air, and submerged unmanned systems, DeClouette said.

“This goes beyond the traditional hobbyist programs you may have seen at other institutions,” DeClouette said. “It really does start to get into the back-end operations of and programming of the drones and unmanned aerial systems.

“There are estimates that there are hundreds of positions in film and video, property inspection, safety and security, agriculture, and many other industries,” she said. “It’s wonderful that we will be on the front end of helping that industry to emerge.”

Also being offered is the Certificate of Mastery in Workplace Writing and Communications, which is designed to provide writing, speaking and advanced communications to increase marketability in the workplace.

“(The Certificate) demonstrates to employers that recipients can communicate effectively, and it improves reading and critical thinking skills,” she said. “It also demonstrates a level of fluency and comprehension in English, particularly for international students.”

The certificate offers students documented proof for an employer in any country to show they have the necessary communication skills for employment or a promotion, she said.

Those interested in graphic design skills will also have a potential certificate to attain in the form of a Certificate of Mastery in Graphic Design, which is designed for students who wish to acquire experience in graphic design software, photography, and layout and design.

“Our students will be able to gather information from clients about the project design, think critically and creatively, and propose visual solutions to clients,” DeClouette said.

The final certificate DeClouette presented to the board is in photography/digital imaging, which is designed to provide training for graduates working in today’s image-driven economy, she said.

For more information about what was discussed at the May 16 meeting, visit the Meeting Agendas page at

As of press time, it remains unclear as to when these programs may be implemented.

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