Milestones are something to celebrate

Graduation, what do you think when you hear the word? I think of achievements. Overcoming obstacles. Dedication. And new opportunities.

My younger sister graduated in May from her high school in California.

My whole being bubbles with pride and excitement for this new milestone in her life.

Graduating is a new beginning for those who have persisted in what they are doing.

It is a way to measure that your life is growing and moving forward.

Children graduate from the training potty to the real thing. Teenagers graduate from high school to college. College students graduate to a career or another university.

All of these things are positive and showcase the development of individuals from many ages.

Graduation is about completion which can sometimes be hard to attain.

Maybe you have graduated from an old way of thinking or an old way of life.

Next time you move on and graduate to a new place in your life, pat yourself on the back!

So for all of you past and future graduates from every part of life: congratulations, I commend you!

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