Math Lab supervisor ‘touched’ to receive award

Photo by Chris James
Math Lab Supervisor Christine Peck and Math Lab Assistant Jeff Wolford help student Lisa Carr. Peck was recently awarded the Non-Teaching Professional of the Year Award.

Meeting the needs of OCCC math students and helping them succeed in their courses is the driving purpose behind the work that Christine Peck does as Math Lab supervisor. Peck has been the supervisor of the Math Lab since the spring of 2010 and is this year’s recipient of the Non-Teaching Professional of the Year Award, presented on campus in August.

Much loved by the math faculty, Peck engages in a wide range of support roles above and beyond her prescribed responsibilities. Leading by example, Peck takes on a lot of extra duties, but is very approachable and happy to help, her supporters say.

“You can’t list all of the things she does or all of the people she helps, said math Professor Paul Buckelew”

Math Professor Janet Mitchell said that Peck was instrumental in the implementation of the new College Prep Math courses by doing things like getting the rooms and equipment organized. In addition, Peck works with the Testing Center to ensure the math placement tests are accurately placing students in the classes they need.

“Christine keeps the Math Lab running like a well oiled machine,” said math Professor Ken Harrelson. He said she is good at organizing staff and equipment and is proactive about solving problems.

When Peck was asked how she felt about receiving the award, she said it is a great honor. She said she is very touched, because there are so many good employees at the school.

Peck said she intends to keep doing what she’s been doing.

“We will continue to do our best to meet the needs of OCCC math students and try to find new ways to help them succeed.”

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