Marketing and Public Relations director resigns

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After close to nine years at OCCC, Paula Gower has resigned her position as OCCC Marketing and Public Relations director June 21 to take a new position as Marketing and Communications vice president at Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee.

Cordell Jordan, Marketing and Public Relations coordinator, said he will remember Gower’s nine years as a legacy.

“Marketing for OCCC has really progressed during the time before Paula was here and the way it is today, and a lot of it is due to her and the staff,” Jordan said.

Gower is leaving her post just as her area is about to launch a new OCCC campaign changing the OCCC tagline from “In It For Me at OCCC” to “Now is Power,” a phrase Jordan said is a call to action.


“It is a progression of the former tagline from the last six years, ‘In it for me at OCCC.’

“It’s the same type of message to college students as before: This is doable, but you’ve got to do it now,” he said.

Jordan said he and the marketing staff will continue Gower’s work on the project.

“I worked alongside of her every step of this branding campaign. We are now seeing the end result.

“We are continuing the kind of legacy that she has had for us with various commercials and advertisements as well as the OCCC website.

“We will continue to tweak and make changes to the new website which was something she was very, very passionate about,” Jordan said.

April Jackson, Publications Coordinator and Graphics Project manager, said Gower was a mentor to all in the office.

“You know you have found the best mentor when you feel inspired, truly engaged, willing to work great lengths to follow such an amazing leader — never taking full credit for accomplishments, but sharing her success with others,” Jackson said.

In addition to her hard work, co-workers said Gower also was a friend to all who worked with her.

Online Marketing Coordinator John Richardson said working with Gower was truly a pleasure.

“Paula exhibited traits that define a great manager,” Richardson said.

“Her ability to articulate a vision for our department, empower employees to do their jobs to the best of their ability, to be an advocate for those employees, and to recognize the accomplishments of her staff rather than take credit herself,” he said.

Jordan said he credits Gower with having a big influence on the PR and Marketing staff.

“I’m always impressed with the staff in the work that we do and the professionalism of our publications,” Jordan said.

“We’re responsible for all the publications for the college, advertisements, the website and the social media.”

After working with Gower for many years, Jordan said she will be fondly remembered.

“We miss her and wish her well in her endeavors. It was certainly the right move for her.”

Gower could not be reached for comment by press time

Jordan will fill in as acting Marketing and Public Relations director until a replacement is hired.

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