‘Mario Brothers’ DVDs bring back memories

Time to dust off your childhoods, guys. This one is from so far back that I was only 3 years old when it came out.

“The Super Mario Brothers Super Show!” was something I grew up with, and while it only had two seasons, I remember it fondly.

The live action bits were really strange, but unfortunately, the DVDs that I have don’t show them, as I remember them being hilarious most of the time.

I recently got a seriously large amount of these episodes, and have been watching them constantly.

My nostalgia gland has been squeezed nearly dry by this show, because I grew up with this show until they took the reruns off the air when I was about 8 or 9.

The plot of the first version of the show was that Mario and Luigi (they still have no last names) get sucked down into the Mushroom Kingdom while working on a clogged drain, and they have to try and find their way back to “the real world.”

They seriously called it the real world. Does that make the Mushroom Kingdom fake?

I don’t think anybody could really answer that one.

The vast majority of monsters in Koopa’s army are from the second Super Mario Brothers game, with a few from the first and third games as well.

The animation was pretty bad, but I’ve seen worse.

The storytelling was a little cheesy as well, especially when an “Italian” speaking character was introduced. It was mainly gibberish or Italian names.

Half of Mario’s expressions involved pasta, and King Koopa’s expletives either involved plumbing parts or reptile references.

Generally, really really bad.

Even with the bad acting and the penchant for using music and sounds from the video games, the show was really memorable, and I’m glad I spent the $60 on them.

You can still get the cartoon on iTunes, for about $25, which I think would be completely worth it, especially if you want something to pass down to your children.

Rating: A-

—Robert Bolton

Community Writer

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