Loving yourself: The key to happiness

Are you happy?

Many people in this world are dying every day from depression and unhappiness. Can you say you are happy with the inner you? Unfortunately, many people can’t.

We live in a society where what’s on the outside is viewed as being better than what’s on the inside.

People are getting recognized for their beauty, what they are driving, what they are wearing, and their wealth.

However, those things will only bring a temporary thrill, often mistaken for happiness.

We fail to realize that none of it means anything and is worthless.

We live in an unrealistic world that teaches us to always look our best. We live by the saying, “If you look good, you feel good.”

Think about that — material things possess happiness? Shouldn’t it instead be, “You feel good, you look good?”

My point is, work on the inner you and feel it with a higher power. Don’t waste time on worthless things that don’t mean anything.

Want to be happy? Build yourself on morals, character, love, gratitude and a better you. This will lead to everlasting happiness.

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