‘Lorax’ a fun, feel-good movie for the family

I had promised to take my children to see “The Lorax” after it opened in March, so over spring break we took our seats as the theater began to fill up for the morning viewing.

Dr. Seuss’ classic stories have always had a way of capturing an imagination and taking it on a magical journey. This adaptation didn’t disappoint my family.

It was full of colorful teddy bears, Seuss-like characters, a zany grandmother and the stereotypical bad guy with a slew of known names bringing the characters to life.


Danny DeVito lent his voice as the Lorax, guardian of the trees. Betty White is the cool and crafty grandma Norma while the main character Ted is voiced by Zac Efron. Ed Helms brings life to the Once-ler, the crazy character that few have seen, and the villain Mr. O’Hare, is voiced by Rob Riggle. Jenny Slate provided the voice-over of Ted’s single, quirky mom and Taylor Swift is the voice behind Audrey, the artistic girl who captivates Ted’s heart.

The movie starts on the premise of the original storyline with a message to take care of your environment but with a modern touch.

Ted learns that to win Audrey’s heart he must find a real tree.

Thneedville, the synthetic city they live in, is complete with blow up shrubs and trees that light up at the push of a button on the remote control.

Clean air is provided to the citizens by Mr. O’Hare at a cost. He has convinced the townfolk it’s unsafe to venture past the walls of their quaint perfect city.

Mr. O’Hare does everything he can to stop Ted from crossing over the wall and finding a tree because, as you know, trees produce air.

When Ted decides to risk those walls and sneak out of the city on a quest to bring Audrey a real tree, he learns that the only one who can help him is the Once-ler who lives outside of town where no one dares to go — no one but Ted, that is.

Ted makes his way out of the safe confines of the city but before the Once-ler will agree to help, Ted must listen to a story about how there came to be no trees.

As the tale goes, a young entrepreneur, anxious to find fame and fortune via a product made from the trees, broke a promise to the Lorax and cut down all the trees, leaving a barren land and driving the Lorax and animals of the area away.

It’s revealed that the entrepreneur is the Once-ler who is now guilt ridden over his choices, and decides to help Ted make things right again.

As the movie unfolds, viewers will enjoy the series of mishaps and adventures that unfold as Ted tries to get a tree,the girl, and bring back the Lorax and the cuddly animals to their home.

Rating: A

—Yvonne Alex

Staff Writer

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