Local artist’s paintings extremely lifelike

After attending OCCC for three years I made my first appearance at Arts Festival Oklahoma over Labor Day weekend.

Two hours after arriving I was hot, sweaty, sticky and tired of the heat. The tops of my feet were sunburned and my hair was a frizzy mess.

But the experience was something I would probably burn my feet to see again.

Artist Darby PerrinEach tent had many booths with different art, including oil painting, wood carvings, jewelry and metal work.

One booth in particular grabbed my attention. It held an amazing display of hand-painted aviation art.

At first my husband and I were admiring the different portraits and thought they were photographs. Nope. The paintings by Darby Perrin were so lifelike I could picture the skydiver with a GoPro on his helmet flying alongside the aircraft taking pictures.

The still active duty airman said he had personally painted each portrait along with the few leather jackets that had paintings on the backside.

The majority of art was of fighter jets and aircraft from the Air Force, but a fairly huge painting of a motorcycle also was available for spectators and fans to admire in pure amazement.

Instead of a GoPro strapped to a helmet falling from the sky, this hand-painted masterpiece seemed as though it was snapped in front of one of those snazzy bars where one would find the beard-growing, leather-wearing biker.

For anyone looking for something fun to do next Labor Day weekend, Arts Festival Oklahoma is a sure way to be amazed by amazing art in many different expressions both contemporary and eclectic.

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