Live for now, regardless of what tomorrow might bring

June 9, 2011 Blogs, Former Pioneer Staff Print Print

So the world is ending. Cool. Every living being gets old. Every living being changes. Every living being eventually dies.

I don’t mean to be a downer. I’m just being honest. Planet Earth has been living for a very long time. So depending on how you look at it, it also has been dying for a very long time.

People believe that because global warming is speeding up and many natural disasters have been occurring that the end is near.

Maybe it is, but again, just as you and I do not know the exact date of our death, no one knows when Earth will end.

I will say I am more science oriented than religion, so I do not necessarily believe what these priests are interpreting out of the Bible.

There is a fine line between science and religion. Science has facts. Religion is a belief.

Scientists have done a ton of research and made plenty of documentaries with their researched facts.

Just live. Live for today. Whatever lies ahead will happen how it happens.

If you die tomorrow, rest in peace. If the world ends as we know it the next day and we somehow live, we will be able to say we witnessed something beyond extraordinary. Maybe we will eventually live in the space station. Maybe we will die when the world does.

Global warming is speeding up and there are things us humans are doing to expedite that process. There are things people are doing to try to prevent that process.

One person cannot change the world. We can all work collaboratively to try, but the likelihood of people changing their way of living to hope to extend their lives on Earth or the life of the Earth is slim.

More natural disasters are occurring due to the Earth getting old. It happens. Many people tend to get sick more often as they get older. I take these natural disasters as Earth doing what it does, as it gets older.

We just need to take it day by day.

Living for now is more important than living for the day our Earth or we will no longer be alive.

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