Literary journal submissions deadline approaching

The Absolute literary journal is seeking submissions to be published in the 2013 issue. The submissions are due by Monday Nov. 26, said Professor Marybeth McCauley, faculty adviser.

Student editors are looking for both fiction and nonfiction pieces, as well as photography, poetry, and art.

“It always makes me proud to see that we have so many great artists and writers on campus,” McCauley said. “It’s not just for students though.”


Submissions are open to anyone, she said. In the past they have accepted about five to six pieces each of both nonfiction and fiction, depending on the length of the selections, as well as many of the other formats.

The Absolute Literary Journal began its publication by the Arts and Humanities Division in 1972. This year’s student editors are Lauren Parker, Heather Skiba, and Dylan Wilhoit. Faculty advisers are McCauley and Professor Jon Inglett.

McCauley said the staff meets weekly to go through submissions.

“Each editor has a different perspective, so it adds a different mix to it,” Parker said.

Parker made a rubric of what she looks for in writing submissions.

“My biggest things are word choice and literary devices,” she said.

The journal will be published in April to be distributed after a reception to honor those published. All previous journals can be viewed at the library, but not checked out.

You can also purchase copies of the 2011-12 journal in the campus bookstore for $10, McCauley said. “The Absolute is very special to me and a lot of people on campus,” McCauley said. “It’s just inspiring to other artists and writers receive that recognition of their talent.”

To submit a piece, go to the OCCC home page (, look under the Academics heading, and click Absolute Literary Journal, McCauley explained.

If you have any questions or would like to contact the editors, call Maybeth McCauley at 405-682-1611 ext. 7405 or email her at

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