Laundromats are the worst

Ah, the laundromat. It’s overcrowded, overpriced, and sometimes overwhelmingly frustrating.

I loathe laundromats, but for some reason can’t ever stay in a place with a washer and dryer. This has left me at the mercy of many foul laundromats; from Oklahoma City, OK to San Francisco, CA.

First off, laundromats are always so busy. I show up at midnight, and still might have to wait for a dryer.

Second, for a place you go to get your clothes clean, laundromats are filthy. Even if an employee cleans 24/7, the place still always looks trashed.

Third, and what annoys me most of all, are the screaming children no one can seem to control. I don’t understand how parents just let their children run around unsupervised. I wasn’t raised that way, and my daughter isn’t being raised that way either.

To top it all off, the equipment gets worn out and broke down while the price to use it keeps going up. I hate paying $0.25 more for a dryer that no longer gets my clothes as dry.

I could go on and on about how much and why I dread my weekly clothes washing ritual, but I think the main points will suffice for here and now.

I’ll leave it at that.

I hate laundromats.

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