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Last day to withdraw without refund approaches

lastdaytodropforfall2015 [1]

The last day to drop a class without a refund for the fall 2015 semester is November 6.

Students who drop a class past the withdrawal date will not have a “W” on their transcript — instead they have the grade they made in that class, said Academic Advising Director Tamara Madden.

Madden said the last day to withdraw from 16-week classes without a refund is November 6. She encouraged students to speak to an advisor if they are considering withdrawing.

She said sometimes there are college resources, such as childcare, that may allow the student to continue in the class. She also said students need to consider the effect a poor grade can have on their GPA.

“If it’s a failing grade, that grade is going to go on their transcript and can impact their GPA,” she said. “They also have to consider how many credits that class has because the more credits the class has, the failing grade has a greater impact on their semester and their cumulative GPA.”

Madden also said a withdrawal may affect the student’s financial aid status.

“If they’re receiving financial aid, they need to check with the financial aid office before they withdraw,” she said. “The W is going to remain on their transcript, and that could impact their SAP — their Student Academic Progress formula — that the financial aid office uses.”

Bursar Cynthia Gary said it is possible for students to have to owe money to financial aid due to a late withdrawal. She said it is a timing game, so students must communicate with OCCC staff before withdrawing.

“Talk to your advisor, talk to your financial aid officer, and they can best advise you as what you need to do,” she said.

To withdraw before the deadline, students can go to student advising or can withdraw online via Mine Online. Madden said students who want to appeal past the deadline can go to the registrar at the records desk, but only extremely reasonable cases will warrant an approved withdrawal past the deadline.

Students who wish to withdraw from all classes and discontinue their education at OCCC can contact Academic Advising.

Madden said while it’s not a requirement, communicating with professors is good etiquette and may help the student find a way to avoid a withdraw.

“They might be able to find some solutions, depending on what the situation is,” she said.

For more information, contact Academic Advising at 405-682-7535.