Laser tourney targets campus April 25

A one-day single elimination laser tag tournament will be held on campus Wednesday, April 25, said Eric Watson, Sports and Recreation specialist.

Any student interested in joining this event can register at the Recreation and Fitness office for free anytime before the event, he said.

Watson said the teams will be made up of about 5 to 10 players and will battle in an elimination event from 2 to 4 p.m., that will be held on the field south of the Aquatic Center on campus. Watson said all students are welcome.

“I encourage the students to put their teams together,” Watson said.

Watson said originally the event was supposed to cost $5 per student but has been changed to a free intramural event.


He said students still need to sign up on to take part in the event.

Watson said the teams will face off in a single elimination event until only two teams are standing.

The winner of that final battle will determine the champions, he said.

Watson said all the equipment is being provided by a local laser tag rental company.

“Mobile Laser Forces will be providing the equipment and overseeing the tournament,” Watson said.

According to the equipment rental company website,, laser tag does not involve physical contact, but instead the guns work like a remote control, sending a remote signal that will “tag” the object or person.

The website says that laser tag is a lot like paintball, but allows more flexibilty for different locations of play.

There is no restriction on men or women, but Watson said players must be prepared for a lot of running.

And it would be best if players wear clothing they can easily move in, he said.

Student Patrick Thompson said he is excited for the upcoming laser tag tournament.

“It will be nice to do something like this to keep my mind off my classes,” Thompson said.

Any student interested in doing something fun and active and getting a break from classes might consider trying laser tag on April 25, Watson said.

For more information on the tournament, contact the Wellness Center at 405-682-1611, ext. 7310.

For more information on Mobile Laser Forces or the laser tag equipment, visit or call 405-259-9300.

Watson said the laser tag tournament will draw a pretty good crowd on campus, as it usually does; however due to the lack of interest in the Paintball Tournament that was scheduled for later this month, it has been canceled.

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