Journalists, community should work hand-in-hand

letter to editorLet’s face it — journalists can be annoying. OK, we’ve gotten that settled.

Now let’s face something else — journalists are a necessary component to a healthy functioning society.

I know words such as “transparent” and “objective” can be scary or unbelievable, but those are what truly make a good publication good.

Without a publication like, say the New York Times, how would the public get information about their city such as the crime reports, upcoming events, social changes or, most importantly, articles about the latest baseball/football/basketball game?

OK, let’s bring it back to the journalists.

They’re not here to favor anyone and, in return, they do not ask anyone to favor them — though there is a certain amount of respect that should be expected from the community, as well as from the journalists.

Journalists are only people doing their jobs — fulfilling the Constitution’s obligation to report on what’s happening (kudos First Amendment!).

It’s what makes our country great, the ability to seek information and get it.

The job of the journalist is to help make that information transparent and to make it more readily available for the public to view.

This does not empower journalists over others in their community.

In fact, absolutely every citizen has the same rights to the same information.

So what I’m getting at is this: let’s end the stigma of and ill will toward good, solid journalists, and start thinking about how being able to get information we are entitled to affects our daily lives.

Trust and respect — both ways — go a long way in this field.

The better we establish that trust and respect, the better journalists can report on what matters, which leads to a more informed public.

And remember, information is power.

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