Jan. 30 last day students can drop classes with a refund

Friday, Jan. 30, will mark the final opportunity for students to withdraw from 16-week classes with a refund.

OCCC Registrar Allen Stringfellow said this 10-day span from the first day of classes is ample time for students to decide to drop a course.

“In that time a student’s going to be able to see their syllabus,” he said.

“Most of the syllabus is going to determine what’s going to be expected of them. Class activities, tests and dates are going to be on that, and students can get a sense of whether there’ll be any issues,” he said.

Stringfellow said students should take advantage of this opportunity to ask professors any questions that pertain to scheduling and expectations.

“Be open with them,” he said.

Stringfellow said these drop dates are designated by policy.

“Essentially, they just dictate that you have … two weeks in a 16-week period, allowing students to drop and add, and do so without being charged.”

Stringfellow said one week is allowed for students enrolled in eight-week courses.

Fast-track courses must be dropped within two class periods to receive a refund.

Intersession courses must be dropped prior to the third class period, he said.

Stringfellow said students can log into the school’s Mine Online web adviser system using their username (first name.middle initial.last name) and password, which by default is the last six digits of a student’s Social Security number.

Once logged in, students will find the option to drop classes under the “Current Students” section of the site.

“This is available almost 24/7,” Stringfellow said.

He said the system is unavailable for a few hours each day for maintenance.

“I would highly recommend students use our online system. It could take five minutes or less to withdraw.”

Stringfellow said students also can drop classes at the Registration office located on the first floor of the main Building.

“You can fill out a withdrawal form and we can take care of that right here,” he said.

However, Stringfellow cautioned, lines could be long during these busy first weeks of the semester and the office closes at 5 p.m. on Fridays.

He said students should try to drop classes while they can get a full refund.

“If you know for sure, do it as soon as possible,” he said.

Stringfellow said there are a number of different factors determining the length of time it takes to receive refunds after courses have been dropped.

Refunds are handled through the Bursar’s office, he said.

“I know they do a wonderful job and will get that done as quickly as possible though.”

Even students who drop classes within the allotted amount of time may still need to pay some fees, he said.

“Interest accrues beginning the first day of class,” Stringfellow said.

He said there would be a small interest fee, which could only be pennies depending upon the original costs, but failure to pay this small fee could lead to late charges that build up over time.

“If there’s any question at all,” he said of deciding whether to drop a course, “you definitely want to work with some of our advisers … in advising or your faculty adviser because we are definitely here to help you.”

The last chance to withdraw from 16-week courses with no refund is Friday, April 10.

Information about tuition, fees and refunds is available at www.occc.edu/bursar/tuition-fees.html.

To add and drop classes, visit the Registration office or call 405 682-7522.

To contact Jorge Krzyzaniak, email seniorwriter@occc.edu

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