College is for Chumps – Grant Swalwell

October 7, 2015 Blogs, Former Pioneer Staff, Pioneer Blogs Print Print

IMG_14532It is a common trope that college prepares tomorrow’s graduates for yesterday’s jobs. College in this country is so messed up that we often give out degrees for non-existent jobs.

Almost everyone in such a degree program will admit they aren’t going to be a psychologist. Most business majors probably don’t want to be a professional paper shuffler. They defend themselves by saying things like “well, not everyone can be an engineer” — and, I guess, they literally could if our public education system wasn’t so bad you’re better off holding a plastic bag over your kid’s head than sending him or her to public school.

The future economy is not going to need more paper pushers, social media correspondents (hopefully), or redundant assistant directors/directors. Even people in computer science programs are dropping out to start working.

Sadly the system will not reform until enrollment numbers finally start dropping.

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