iPhone’s “airplane mode” a handy tool

Today, I’d like to talk about an odd topic. It’s about the airplane mode on cell phones. Ever see it and wonder why it’s even there? Because if you can’t use your phone on a plane why even have it on?

You yourself have thought “That is the most useless invention for a phone that you can’t delete,” next to the volume levels. Because, who sets their volume on three dots? Either you turn it on silent or all the way up. So really, all there should be is silent and on for volumes on phones.

But anyway, returning to the subject of airplane mode. I have found a great use for it!

When someone is looking at something on my phone, I’m always a little paranoid that someone will text me and it’ll be something mean or about the person looking at my phone.

Also, when I’m doing interviews, which has been my more useful part of this discovery. I don’t want to be interviewing someone and someone send me a text in the middle of it or call making me pause the interview to reject either.

So since I have an iPhone, like 90 percent of the world population, all I do is go into settings, turn the little switch on and bam — peace and quiet for however long I would like without completely turning off my phone.

Like I said, this is the most handy when I’m doing interviews for the Pioneer. It helps me and the person I’m interviewing from being distracted too terribly much, and it keeps me from being paranoid my recorder isn’t working.

It really is the best discovery ever. Maybe a lot of journalists, and people who do interviews with their phones have realized this and I’m just behind in the times. Either way, I feel like I just won the lottery with this.

In the future, I may use it when I’m tired of talking to people in general at times.

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