Intramural basketball tournament March 2

11_04_22_825basketballThe undefeated intramural team Duhh Saahh has won the first seed in OCCC’s postseason tournament on March 2.

The season was capped off Feb. 24 with Duhh Saahh improving to 4-0 with an 86-47 victory over the Tune Squad to clinch first place.

The Bloccc Boys fell to 2-2 after a gut wrenching 69-65 loss to Illicit (3-1).

The tournament will be played in a single elimination format starting at 5:30 p.m. in the gym in the Recreation and Fitness center, said Matthew Wright, sports and recreation specialist.

The tournament will begin with the Tune Squad (1-3) squaring off against And 1 (1-3). The two teams have faced each other only once during the regular season with the Tune Squad prevailing 68-67 on Feb. 17.

Looking at the two teams on paper, stats suggest another competitively close game that won’t be decided until the final seconds.

Tune Squad comes in with an offense that has averaged 55.5 points per game (third in the league) while And 1’s offense has averaged 52.5 points per game which is fourth in the league.

Tune Squad enters the postseason with a defense that has allowed a combined 273 points, second highest in the league. And 1’s defense comes in tied for third with the Bloccc Boys, with 237 combined points allowed.

The winner of this tilt will move on to face arguably the toughest test of the postseason, knocking off Duhh Saahh. Physical Therapy Major Steven Cooper, who plays for Duhh Saahh, said he hasn’t done much to scout the competition.

”Honestly man, I haven’t even watched the other teams so I really don’t know what the competition’s like, I just want to go out there and play.”

Duhh Saahh ranks first in total offense with a combined 321 points and an average of 80.2 points per game, Their defense has allowed the fewest points in the league averaging only 47.5 points per game and a combined 190 points allowed.

Game three of the night will be Illicit (3-1) taking on the Bloccc Boys (2-2). The Boys will look to avenge the agonizing defeat they suffered Feb. 24. They enter the postseason with an offense that averages the fewest points in the league with only 46.2 points per game and a defense that’s averaged 59.2 points per game allowed.

Illicit enters this tilt scoring an average of 67 points per game on offense and allowing an average of 69.5 points per game on defense. Illicit has managed to have a successful season thus far despite being outscored a combined 278-268.

The final game will determine the league champions, Wright said.

He said students who want to watch the tournament will need to bring their student ID in order to enter the gym.

For more information, contact Matthew Wright by e-mail at or students can call the Recreation and Fitness office at 405-682-7860.

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