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International students on campus represent a total of 61 countries.

All of their flags are displayed in the atrium of the Main Building.

OCCC currently enrolls about 450 students from many different backgrounds and cultures, who hold international student visas from other countries, said Sunshine Garner, coordinator of International student services.

The international flags are hung up all year round. They are taken down only when used during graduation, to represent the international students graduating.

When a new international student arrives to OCCC from a new country, the country’s flag is added.

The U.S. flag and the Oklahoma flag are displayed in the opposite clear story on the other side of the atrium.

The largest number of international students, a total of 108, comes from Nepal.

Three of the next four countries are also in Asia.

Forty seven is the number of students who come from South Korea, 43 is the number of students from Vietnam, and 24 is the number of students who come from China.

Of the top five countries sending international students to OCCC, only Kenya is outside of Asia. This east African country is home to 29 number of OCCC students.

OCCC student Rilwan Jimoh said he wasn’t aware of so many international countries being represented at the college.

“Who would have thought all this culture would be all around us students?” he said.

OCCC student Verly Carbungco she would like to get to know the international students on campus.

Garner said a great way to get to know some of the international students is to join the school’s international social network page called International Student Connection. According to, the social network was created for international students at OCCC and their friends.

Other countries represented at OCCC and the number of students from those countries appear as follows:

Albania 2, Angola 2 , Argentina 1, Botswana 1, Belgium 1, Bangladesh 9, Brazil 2, Canada 1, Cambodia 1, Chad 1, Sri Lanka 4, Cameroon 20, Colombia 4, France 1, Gabon 8, Ghana 6, Guam 1, Hong Kong 1, Honduras 1.

Indonesia 7, India 22, Iran 2, Israel 1, Italy 1, Côte d’Ivoire 2, Japan 4, Jordan 1, Kazakhstan 1, Macau 2, Mali 2, Morocco 7, Mexico 3, Malaysia 7, Netherlands 1, Nicaragua 1, Niger 1, Nigeria 9, Pakistan 11, Palau 1, Peru 1, Philippines 1, Saudi Arabia 9, South Africa 1, Senegal 3, Serbia & Montenegro 2, Sweden 1, Thailand 4, Tajikistan 1, Turkey 4, Taiwan 6, Tanzania 3, Uganda 2, Ukraine 2, Uzbekistan 1 and Venezuela 5.

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