Pioneer Pop-Up features five students’ stories weekly.

We asked OCCC community members about their Spring Break.

Cole Chappell – 19 – Cyber Security Major – Oklahoma City

“I got to stay home, get caught up on some work, relax, and now I’m ready to start my
semester back and get some stuff done.”

– Cole Chappell
Sandra De Leora – 19 – Nursing Major – Newalla, OK

“It was really good although of course school was still in the way. It’s just working and
ready for school again.”

– Sandra De Leora

Miranda Brooks – Theater Major – Oklahoma City

“My spring break was actually pretty busy. I did a lot of things and I worked over the
break, but it was nice to have a break from school.”

– Miranda Brooks
Elizabeth Randale Gill – 20 – Theater Major – Norman, OK

“I had a lot of fun hanging out with my friends and we had a game night. That was

– Elizabeth Randale Gill

Ana Vargas – 19 – Biology Major – Oklahoma City

“I went to Europe for the week. I traveled to France and Italy with a group that I signed
up with when I was in high school.”

– Ana Vargas