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Photo Courtesy Joel Chan

The earthquakes you may have felt in Oklahoma in the past year may not have been caused from tectonic shifting. There is a bigger movement sweeping through the plains, ravaging the radio air streams and dominating the night clubs: dubstep.

The dubstep artist causing these vibrations is Oklahoma City’s own Alex Sin. To understand his influence, you must first understand the music.

Dubstep is the cousin to electronic dance music — the difference between the two being that they have a different beat structure. The rhythm, tempo and beat pattern are the key differences between the two.

Sin has a musical palette that has gained widespread play from local places here in Oklahoma City, such as regular appearances at Robotic Wednesdays at Kamps, The Office Drinks and Nosh, City Walk, and other venues that have reached maximum capacity with his group of followers.

From Oklahoma City to clubs in Dallas, he is affecting crowds with not only his music but the cultural importance dubstep is having on this generational dance music movement.

While he writes a lot of his own music and collaborates with other artists for original dubstep songs, he also has reincorporated elements from other songs as a remix of sorts while he plays at clubs and other big venues. Certain collaboration performances include big names in dubstep such as Figure, Crystal Vision, Candyland and Proper Villains.

If you say his name to local dubstep fans, they will probably know whom you are talking about. He has recently created SugarSkull, a dubstep collaboration effort with fellow DJ MBP of Oklahoma City.

Now officially signed exclusively with LU10 Records and Prototype Platinum Records, this isn’t the last we’ll see of this dubstep DJ.

What once was just a genre that could be found in the UK, dubstep has now spread like wildfire with a greater international impact, and DJ artists like Alex Sin are breaking sound barriers, cultural influence and musical history as we know it.

Keep an eye on this one. He’s shakin’ things up.

Rating: A

—Casey R. Akard


To contact Casey R. Akard, email pioneergraphics@occc.edu.

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