Holding out hope for the better dystopian film

In the most recent years, the popular literary genre of “Young Adult Fiction” has taken a shift to an even more specific sub-genre, “Young Adult Dystopian Fiction,” which involves a teenager or group of teenagers in some post-apocolyptic wasteland.

In January, the most recent addition to the genre, “The 5th Wave”, was released to theaters.

5th Wave posterDespite the film’s poor box office numbers, I see potential and promise in the film.

“The 5th Wave” is a story revolving around a teenager named Cassie Sullivan and her journey surviving an extraterrestrial invasion.

The movie follows the events of the invasion conducted in “waves.” The first one knocks out global power, the second wave brings a planet-wide earthquake, the third brings unstoppable disease, and the fourth wave brings the aliens to the surface, inhabiting human hosts.

Often in this genre, the main protagonist is engulfed in a love triangle. In this movie, it’s hinted at, but it is not a main plot element. The love triangle is an element that critics often use to say “each one is the same,” no matter how different the film actually is from others. The approach “The 5th Wave” takes on the subject keeps the common theme of other movies in the genre, but allows the audience to discern it from other films.

The film is also partly successful in creating suspenseful and vivid action scenes. The ending sequence is the most powerful in the film, showing the true character and resolve of our protagonist.

“The 5th Wave” has done poorly in the box office, bringing in just under $12 million domestically after four days of its release, compared to “The Hunger Games” racking in over $152 million just in its opening weekend.

The most plausible reason it’s doing so poorly is many may think the idea has been overdone. They think, “Oh, another Y.A. adaptation,” when in fact it’s much more. If all goes well, the sequel, “The Infinite Sea,” will be produced into a movie. I, along with other fans of the franchise, hope Cassie Sullivan doesn’t end up being another Percy Jackson.

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