Hideaway Pizza best pie joint around

It’s basically a fact that pizza is the most popular food among college students. The problem with pizza is that if it’s cheap, it tastes bad, and if it tastes good, it’s too expensive. Hideaway Pizza provides the perfect balance between price and taste.

There are a few starters that I would recommend everyone purchase when eating at Hideaway.

The first starter you must try is the “Garlic Knots” — bread in knot shapes brushed with garlic, butter, parsley and baked until they are golden brown. It’s $5.95 for six knots.

The other starter I highly recommend are the “Fried Mozzarella Sticks.” They are crispy and golden brown with the freshest mozzarella cheese. They cost $6.95 for a plate of eight.

Although their starters are great, the real reason everyone goes to Hideaway is for the pizza.

Hideaway’s crust is irresistible because it has just the right amount of crunch and fluffiness. I am a big fan of crust and their crust is by far my favorite of any pizza place in Oklahoma.

Their Hideaway red sauce, which is their own secret recipe, is simply great pizza sauce. Not only is it extremely tasty, they also put the perfect amount on each pizza.

Hideaway offers a vast array of specialty pizza combinations, such as “The ATW” and “Mama Mia Meatball.” They also offer specialty veggie pizzas such as the standard “Margherita-old world” and “Hideaway style.”

Small specialty pizzas are $12.95, mediums are $16.05 and larges are $20.65.

Customers also can create their own pizzas all the way from the crust to the toppings, which are $8.95 for a small, $10.95 for a medium and $13.95 for a large. However, additional toppings cost extra.

Hideaway also offers sandwiches, baked pasta and dessert.

If you are looking for a great place to go with friends to get some delicious pizza on a budget, Hideaway is the perfect place.

To find a location near you, visit www.hideawaypizza.com/locations.

Rating: A+

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