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We all love snack foods —trail mix, cookies, crackers, granola bars, Chex mix — but it’s almost always fattening and usually addicting. The latest craze, or even game, is trying to find filling, healthy snack foods that still please your taste buds.

I heard about Graze, a company that makes their own snacks, packages them, and ships them to you for $6.99 including delivery and sign up. For less than a monthly Netflix subscription, you can receive four small portions of different snacks twice monthly.

Graze has many different categories including popping corn, dips and dippers, flapjacks, savory selection, wholesome treats, pure fruit, whole nuts, nuts and seeds, super seeds, a touch of chocolate, and raw bars.

Most of their snacks looked amazing and my mouth was practically watering as I decided which snacks I wanted. Then, I discovered picking my snacks was not an option. Graze picks the snacks and sends random ones in each box.

Luckily, they give you some kind of control by allowing you to rate your snacks with four options: “Trash,” “Try,” “Like,” “Love.”

By choosing “Trash,” they won’t even send that particular snack. “Try” means you’re happy to try it. “Like” means they’ll send it occasionally and “Love” means they’ll send it often.

I’ve gotten around 10 boxes by now and mine come every two weeks. I enjoy the variety of options they send, but I wish they would send more new snacks, because several of the selections have been repeated.

Some of their snacks, usually the healthier ones, taste kind of odd and I made sure to push the “Trash” button the minute after I tried them.

My favorite ones so far have been packages of the popping corn, the salted peanut butter cookie wholesome treat with baked salted peanuts, fudge pieces, mini chocolate cookies and redskin peanuts, and the sour cream and onion cashews.

I’m waiting for them to send some of the new fall selections that include chocolate, such as cookies & cream or honeycomb crunch. With the weather changing, hopefully my variety will too.

If you like trying new things or are tired of searching for unique, healthy snacks, try Graze. Find them at

Rating: B

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