Girls basketball camp to teach basics

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Girls, ages 10 to 12, who want to learn the basics of basketball now have their own camp — Basketball Fundamentals, said Sport and Recreation Specialist Eric Watson.

Watson said the camp focuses mostly on dribbling, passing, stances, and even some offensive and defensive strategies.

“We usually set small goals for them to achieve by the end of the week,” Watson said.

“On average, it’s about 14 to 17 girls (to a camp),” Watson said. “They get about two hours and 45 minutes of actual instruction (in one day).”

Camp Coach Jerrame Dockery explained the fundamentals of basketball.

“It’s having proper footwork, knowing your pivot foot, knowing how to dribble the ball with your head up, seeing the entire floor, learning how to defend properly, learning how to be a team player, passing the ball, and learning all the nuances of being an overall basketball player.

“And that’s what this camp, I hope, can provide.”

This is Dockery’s first year coaching a College for Kids camp. He also coaches basketball at Highland East Junior High in Moore.

“This is my first time doing a fundamentals camp by myself — running it. But I’ve worked basketball camps since I was in high school, so, (I’ve done this for) over 10 years.

“I love coaching basketball. I love giving back to the community.

“These [kids] are our future and I hope five or 10 years from now these kids will be able to remember me and say, ‘Hey, I remember Coach D taught me how to do certain things.’”

Dockery said he believes in the power of practicing the basics.

“I think a lot of times people overlook the importance of fundamentals,” he said.

“And I hope [the campers] just enjoy it — especially those who have never played.

“Hopefully, they leave with a better understanding of how to play basketball … and understanding that it takes fundamentals to be successful, just as well as talent.

“A sport can teach you everything about life.”

Watson said, at the end of the camp, campers are rewarded with certificates.

Basketball Fundamentals camp runs from Monday, June 23, through Friday, June 27.

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