Getting introspective on reviews
Grant Swalwell
Grant Swalwell

My superiors at work have goaded me into writing my next assignment early. This is it.

“Just review something Grant,” they say.

But there is no way I can stretch out my opinions on things to be longer than a couple sentences usually.

Brevity isn’t just the sole of wit, it is wit, and it’s classy.

Most things just don’t need so many words said about them.

A lot of people like to use phrases like “I don’t care.”

But if you need to constantly reaffirm that you don’t care, you care. I really just don’t care about almost anything though… not enough to say more than a paragraph at most.

That should let you know just how sad it is that I’m reviewing the anime I just finished.

I could get away with reviewing any number of concepts but everything is overdone. Yes everything.

I used to want to write books but I realized there’s no longer anything worth writing a book about. They are already being written or were written before. Good luck with that catchy original title.

People with the vague desire to publish books really just need validation.

Need everyone to know how deep you are? Release a book with a title like “On Gossamer Wings” featuring post-postmodernist rhetoric.

Oh yeah so this anime…

It’s called Agame Ga Kill – very bloody, 2000 percent fan service, well constructed, good character development, very sad moments, and a bittersweet ending.

It’s definitely worth checking out if you like Kill La Kill or Attack On Titan.

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