Gelato beats ice cream any day

I have an unhealthy addiction to ice cream. While Braum’s is a great place to satisfy my craving, sometimes I get tired of the usual flavors and predictable taste.

After watching a movie with my friends last weekend, we decided to go to il Dolce Gelato, located at 937 B SW 25th Street, about a mile from the Warren Theater in Moore, just south of SW 19th Street and Telephone Road.

I’m not going to lie. I frequent this place, because it is simply amazing.

Gelato is different than ice cream, because it is Italian ice cream and contains less air and more milk, making the mixture dense and creamy.

Gelato also has half the calories of American ice cream, which makes it easier to eat much more, because it seems much lighter.

il Dolce has more than 178 different gelato flavors in their vault of recipes. Obviously, they don’t offer all of them at once, but they do usually have around 20 flavors to choose from at a time.

I have never been disappointed in the selection, and I almost always see a flavor I’ve never seen before.

They have flavors like: Amaretto, Apple Pie, Biscotti, Butter Pecan, Cappuccino, Cookies and Cream, Green Tea, Lemon Blueberry, No Bake Cookie, Red Velvet Cake, Sea Salt Caramel, Tiramisu and many, many more.

My favorite flavors are Peanut Butter, Butterfinger Bar, Snickers, and Stracciatella. I usually combine two of them to make a mouth-watering combination.

il Dolce is fairly cheap considering how fresh the gelato is.

A small gelato, which can include two different flavors is only $3.42 including tax. A medium, which can include up to three different flavors is $4.22, and a large, which can include up to four different flavors is $4.93 including tax. A 1.5 pint is $10.75.

They also offer great shakes, coffee and espresso.

I believe il Dolce is a hidden gem that everyone should try, especially if you have never tried gelato before. You will not be disappointed.

Rating: A

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