Gay marriage editorial contradictory, reader says

To the Editor:

Regarding Priscilla Colley’s recent article on gay marriage, I felt compelled to write.

Your reasoning is absurd. If there is such a thing as right and wrong, then, of course, it makes sense for the convictions we possess of what constitutes right or wrong to enter into our worldview.


You said, “It is the height of hubris to think one has the right to tell another what they can or can’t pursue …”

Surely you realize that laws exist so that some people aren’t able to pursue things that would be detrimental to society.

Should these laws be abandoned simply because they interfere with what some people would define as happiness?

You further say “it is only logical to live by your own standards and moral code.”

So, is it OK for me to believe that homosexuality is wrong and vote that way?

I don’t care what two people do because I realize that the same laws that apply to their privacy also apply to mine.

But honestly, I am going to have to hear far more compelling arguments from the side that promotes gay marriage before I jump in.

It’s the height of hubris to be intellectually dishonest or bash others for holding absurd logic by using absurd logic. Aren’t we capable of more than that?

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